100 days on the road

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Honeybadger resting in Pristina after more than 100 days

A couple of days back I celebrated my 100th day on the road (by eating a huge water melon of course) and so now this trip is officially my longest bicycle trip both in time and distance.

For those of you who also like to travel I decided to share all the information that I gathered about this trip:

Days Travelled: 100
Days Cycled: 73
Total Distance: 5106.87 km
Average Distance / Day: 69.96 km
Average Distance / Day (inc. rest days): 51.07 km
Average Speed: 14.93 km/h
Average Time Cycling / Day: 4 h 40 min
Total Money Spent: 837.55 €
Money Spent / Day: 8.38 €
Total Money Spent on Accomodation: 0 €
Countries Visited: 11

And a little less factual:

Scars: 10+
Watermelons: 100kg+
Mosquito/Bug Bites: 99999+
Other RTW travellers I met: 4
Favourite Country: Bosnia and Herzegowina
Favourite People: Serbs
Best food: Serbia (Burek!)
Most beautiful women: Serbia (Belgrade!)
Most Expensive Country: Italy
Cheapest country: Albania

Pages Read: 5000+
Longest time w/o shower: 7 days
(during my first week it was really cold, now I shower almost every day)

8 Euros a day might seem low for those who are used to different styles of travel, but when you don't have to spend money on transportation or accomodation, then 8 Euros (on average) is just enough for me to eat whatever I want and also to occasionally eat in restaurants and to get my daily caffeine fix in cafes/bars.

The upcoming countries will be even cheaper, but some of them require visas and there will also be need for other modes of transportation (ferries or maybe even plain tickets). All in all my plan is to spend less than 10 Euros a day, but even if I end up spending more I should be ok for quite a while.

So this is my life right now, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask me ANYTHING :)

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